By Brian Farrell

Ireland's flakiest sea salt just entered the chat...

It’s time you met our newest addition to the family; our limited edition “Sea Salt Flakes”. And boy are these guys special. Created from the first harvest, these perfect imperfections are the cream of the crop. No two flakes are alike, making them truly unique.

Their unusual, crystallised shape, the sheer size of each grain and their salty goodness are a guaranteed conversation starter at every table. Teamed with our very suave mussel shell spoon, you’re going to look very sophisticated indeed in front of your dinner guests. Kings and queens of cuisine!

From our harvesting days, we’ve always felt that these flakes were special. We truly believe this first harvest is the real gold. You only need to feel the crunch between your fingers to get it. Chefs, foodies and cooking connoisseurs will call this the holy grail of sea salt. We certainly do!

But like all the best things in life, it’s rare. Due to the nature of how we harvest this product, we are limited to small batches.

So here’s the catch, you need to be a true believer to get the goods.

First-time purchasers will be offered our larger screen-printed glass jar, twice the size of our normal jars to fit these giant flakes in and crystal clear so every flake can be seen in all it’s glory. This also comes with our mussel shell spoon (perfect little gifting piece too by the way). But thereafter, you, the salty elite, can buy our compostable refill pouches to top up your precious jar. Very handy and sustainable too!

Once you have purchased your “forever” jar you’ll be sent instructions on how to access your compostable refill pouches – password protected, real James Bond stuff, so guard it with your lives! You could also be very clever and buy yourself your jar & refill pouches in one go and save on shipping!

Ireland’s flakiest sea salt just became the most sought-after commodity since Taylor Swift announced her Eras tour. Trust us these flakes are GORGEOUS with lots of STYLE and you know ALL TOO WELL they’re going to fulfil your WILDEST DREAMS!