• Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt
  • Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt

Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt

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Did we say Whiskey? Yes, we did! Teaming up with our pals at Dingle Distillery, we think this is a match made in heaven more than a marriage of convenience. Using their freshly emptied whiskey oak casks to make fine wood dust, we cold-smoked our sea salt with it for up to 20 hours resulting in an intoxicating smoky, oaky flavoured sea salt with notes of caramel and vanilla. Created slowly over time and in small batches we think this is just totally yum stuff all round here! You really, really need to try this.

How to Use?

Great for BBQs or for grilling a smoky steak....
Tasty sprinkled over eggs or baked potato, this is the perfect finishing salt!


  • Cold-smoked natural sea salt

Store in a cool dry place

Sweet 89%
Savoury 11%
Oaky 48%
Smokey 52%