• Lemon & Rosemary Sea Salt
  • Lemon & Rosemary Sea Salt

Lemon & Rosemary Sea Salt

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Our signature blend (and easily most popular) - this fresh and zesty sea salt is fused with unwaxed lemon zest and locally grown rosemary bringing joy to any kitchen cupboard. Exceptionally versatile, it puts the zing into every dish!

How to use?

Sprinkle it over grilled meat, popcorn, homemade potato chips, fish, roasted or baked chicken, roasted vegetables, baked potatoes, focaccia etc...The options are endless! 

Ingredients list:

  • West of Dingle Sea salt
  • Fresh lemon zest
  • Fresh rosemary

Keep in a cool dry place.

Sweet 71%
Salty 29%
Fresh 50%
Zesty 50%