• Natural Sea Salt + Terracotta Pot
  • Natural Sea Salt + Terracotta Pot

Natural Sea Salt + Terracotta Pot

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We are a multi-talented duo! (even if we do say so ourselves)

We make our very own unique terracotta sea salt boxes. Each one is carefully hand thrown on a potter’s wheel by Marie at Salty HQ. Terracotta, a naturally porous material, makes it ideal for storing sea salt which by nature absorbs moisture. A simple way to add a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted funky, and functional style to your kitchen table and a perfect home for our natural sea salt! Each hand-thrown salt box comes with a very nifty mussel shell spoon. And hey they make a great gift too!

West of Dingle's natural sea salt - the OG of the gang. It's our sea salt in its purest form, hand harvested from the wild Atlantic with no nasty additives or chemical processing. Basic, but never boring, we have a special place in our hearts (and cupboards) for this baby!

How to use? 

Sprinkled our natural sea salt over snacks, rubbed into meats, and mixed with veggies, this is our "no limits" mix!


100% West of Dingle Sea salt.


Keep in a cool dry place.